Smallbore rifle shooting, involves the use of .22 calibre target rifles firing .22 rimfire ammunition fired at paper, cardboard or electronic targets at distances from 15 yards up to 100 yards. The practical skills involved are very similar to those used for both full-bore and air rifle shooting with the main difference being the type of rifle and ammunition used.

Smallbore Target Rifle Shooting can be divided into 2 categories, Prone and 3 Position commonly referred to as 3P. Prone shooting is obviously done in the lying down position, 3P is done in the Prone, Kneeling and Standing positions. An up and coming variation of the sport is Benchrest. The main category in these notes for beginners refer's to Prone Shooting.

For some people shooting is a recreational sport to be enjoyed with friends. For others it is an intense challenge requiring discipline and effort with the goal of competing at club, county or international level.

Rifle shooting is one of a small number of sports that is open to almost anyone irrespective of any disabilities, age, gender and fitness, which do not by themselves define who will be good or bad at shooting as they do with some other sports.

More detail on the History of Smallbore Rifle Shooting is available from our History section.

Shooting is accessible all over the country with a variety of indoor and outdoor ranges. Small-bore rifle shooting at 15-25 yards is usually shot on indoor ranges whereas 50 yards or meters and 100 yards, are shot outdoors.

Most clubs will provide all the equipment required to learn to shoot, together with all necessary coaching. All you need to bring is yourself and enthusiasm. To find a club in your area use our ‘Links’ page.

You can start shooting as soon as you are physically strong enough to hold a firearm safely (with supervision) and you can continue well beyond retirement age. Once you are proficient there are many competitions you can enter around the country. You can also enter postal competitions see our ‘Types of competitions’ link

The governing body of the sport is the National Small-bore Rifle Association (NSRA) and you can either use the club finder on the NSRA website for anyone wishing to take up this challenging and enjoyable sport.