WSRA 2020 - £250 Sponsorship/Bursary for the NSRA meeting at Bisley August 2020

The WSRA would like to develop new athlete’s not just juniors, who will benefit from national meetings/concentrated shooting and exposure to this type of events. To assist athletes financially, we would like to offer a £250 bursary to be used as expenses towards Bisley week. This bursary is open to juniors and adults and will be awarded to 3 successful members.

To qualify for this sponsorship the following criteria will apply:

1. Adults - Must be 1st time attender at Bisley as a competitor.

   Juniors - May be repeat competitors at Bisley.

2. Be a fully paid up member of the NSRA and WSRA and preferably have their own rifle and firearms certificate.

3. Have a proven record of local and national competition entries evidenced by a shooting diary or supported results printouts (copies will be accepted).

4. A short sentence as to why you should be considered for the sponsorship and how you would like to progress in shooting.

5. For the full sponsorship of £250 shooters must enter the Weeks Aggregate competition. Consideration will be given to those who cannot commit to the full week but must then enter the Weekend Aggregate. Proof of entry to these competitions must be provided before any cheques are issued. How the sponsorship is spent is up to the athlete i.e. entry, food, accommodation.

6. Applications by either email or writing to the WSRA Membership Secretary ( (38 Heol Seddon, Danescourt, Cardiff. CF5 2QX).

7. All Applications must include the evidence described in paragraph 3 & 4 along with the applicants NSRA membership number, otherwise the application will be rejected. All applications must be received before March 2020, when selection will be made by the committee of the successful athletes. The committee’s decision is final, and no appeals are permitted.

8. Successful applicants will be informed by April 1st, 2020.

9. Any successful applicants who do not fulfil the requirement in paragraph 5 must inform the committee and return any monies paid.